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I have always practiced art, differentiating the executive technique over time on the basis of the suggestions present in the contemporary world.  I have passed from oil and acrylic on canvas to multi-materials until arriving, in the last twenty years, first to drawing on poplar wood and then to mixed techniques, where drawing is combined with digital work, printing, with manual interventions before / after print on birch wood.  Lately I've been using every tool that comes my way.  I also create three-dimensional works in eucalyptus wood, iron and steel. This in relation to the research theme on environmental degradation and the climate crisis, also pursued with some 2D works such as the "bird men" and the "dead birds".  I hope that my sculptures well represent the suffering of nature and the planet due to the wrong energy policies exerted on it by man. 

I have previously addressed various research topics. In the drawings I was greatly influenced by the dark atmospheres of Joel Peter Witkin and in the composition of the same by the works of Piero Della Francesca. The contemporary visual language then directed me towards the most recent works. The search for man's existential balance, the transience of so many ephemeral values created by him have attracted me for a long time. The time dedicated to art was sometimes partial, due to the need for economic autonomy, with the exercise of other tasks often contiguous to art (interior design, teaching also in an artistic institute, etc.), as in the region of Southern Italy where I live, Puglia, the network of galleries is very limited and the cultural demand reduced. 


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